PC Doctor
PC Doctor

Is your computer slowing you down?
Are you tired of getting nowhere fast on the Internet?

If you said yes, here is your solution!
Let Doctor PC give your computer a check-up today! Give us a call and we'll come to your door and do the check up right in your own home. Or if you would prefer, we will take your computer back to our repair shop and perform the operation there!

Our shop is located at
5 Summer Street - Summerside, PE
You'll find us at the top of the stairs!

Contact the PC Doctor
Office Phone: 902-436-8376
Cell Phone: 902-954-0463
E-mail Address: doctorpc@peipcdoctor.com

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Custom Systems

Gaming & Modding Toys - Make great gifts!

This section is dedicated to gamers, and modding. Most items on this page are limited time only. Call (902-436-8373, 902-954-0463) or e-mail to confirm price and availibility. Because most of these items are special order and not easily resold, half the total is required before the order is placed.

Pctoys Mouse Maxx 70SI Gaming Everglide Surface Mouse Pad $19.99
Razor Diamondback Plasma Blue 1600DPI $74.99
OCZ 450W Modstream Modular power supply PCI-E Ready & blue LED fan $139.99
Logitech Attack 3 Eight Button Joystick $49.99
Logitech MOMO Racing Force-Feedback Wheel & Pedal Set $154.99
Logitech Force 3D Force Feedback Joystick $74.99
Belkin Nostromo N50 Speed Pad with 10 Buttons and Throttle DPad $59.99
Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick with 12 Button $59.99
UV Reactive cable sleeving - Available in red, green and yellow E-mail for Quote
Dual 12" Cold Cathode Light Kit - Available in red, yellow, white, blue, UV, and red-green-blue $29.99
Assorted wiring and modding tools E-mail for Quote
Logisys Carrying bag For case and LCD monitor $49.95
80mm UV Reactive Translucent Fan - Available in red, green, blue and orange $29.99
Dual 4" Cold Cathode Light Kit - Available in red, blue, UV, green $29.99
4 Pin Molex Lights LED Fireflies 5 Piece Set - Available in blue and green $29.99
UV Reactive IDE cables E-mail for Quote
UV Reactive power supply connectors E-mail for Quote